Are you a ‘Thought Criminal’?

The death of tolerance.

If you listened to Don Carson talking about tolerance in an earlier post, you will have heard that the modern view has changed.

Tolerance used to be against the individual – a ‘I may not agree with what you are saying, but I’ll defend your right to say it’ type attitude.  Now tolerance is about the idea.  If you disagree with the individual, you disagree with the idea and that is bad.

Britain is edging ever closer to totalitarian rule.  In particular it is religious liberties that are being clipped and specifically Christian liberties are the ones that are most affected.

Thought Crimes and the Thought Police.

Thought Crimes were once an Orwellian fiction in this country and in 1984, Orwell’s 1984 seemed ridiculously implausible.  However less than thirty years later, they are for some becoming a grim reality.

The latest case this week concerns Adrian Smith a housing manager for the Trafford Housing Trust.  Adrian is a Christian and like many, he is concerned over the proposed legislation to redefine marriage and the incursion on religious liberties this will inevitably bring.  Although he voiced his concern on Facebook, the Thought Police were watching and Trafford Housing Trust have used this as an excuse to demote him and slash his income by 40%. Read the full story here at the Christian Institute.

Trafford Housing Trust acted Reprehensibly.

Can an employer be justified in acting in this way?  Well apparently they can if you are a Christian, but the reprehensible actions of the Trafford Housing Trust only go to demonstrate the antipathy toward genuinely held Christian conviction in this country.

It is with dismay that a government coalition that largely comprises Conservatives, seems to be picking up where the previous Labour government left off in the erosion of Christian values in this nation.

Section 5 of the Public Order Act has, despite all reassurances at the time, been used to silence the Christian voice on numerous occasions, including recently  telling the manager of a Christian run cafe in Blackpool that he could not display verses from the Bible on the premises because someone had found them ‘offensive.’  See clip here.

Where’s the real battle?

In the midst of all this discomfort, unease and angst, it is easy to lose sight of two things.

1.  How easy we have it in comparison to Christian’s in other countries.  I recently watched in silent horror, as the police controlled a crowd in India while three Hindu’s set about the systematic beating of a Christian man with huge wooden posts.  Imagine having to flee your home with your beaten family, leaving everything behind because of your faith.

2. That the battle is not with flesh and blood but is a spiritual one.  It requires prayer and action and I believe that the main action we should embark upon is help building the church of Christ.  Write to MP’s, put your voice in the market place, make your position known by all means, but ultimately don’t neglect the call to first seek the Kingdom of God and to remember that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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